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Incorporating the right furniture and workstations into your office space will be the number one asset to your fit out. That’s because the furniture you choose will either support or work against the flow of your business’ operations. Quality office furniture needs to be attractive, dynamic and functional. The ideal office fit out should support the needs of employees, as well as satisfy the ever-changing requirements of the business.

Solutions to suit all kinds of businesses and budgets

At Fast Fitouts, we work closely with some of the best office furniture suppliers to provide our clients with competitively-priced solutions to their fit out. We understand every office interior is unique, which is why we go the extra mile to custom build our own furniture—right here in the Fast Fitouts factory. Installing a workspace that works has never been easier.

But what ingredients does an office fit out need in order to be successful? Here are 5 ways to maximise your workflow with a well-thought-out approach to your office furniture:

Office chairs and seating

‘Ergonomics’ is an office buzzword that gets thrown around a fair bit—and for good reason. By and large, it’s about implementing comfortable, supportive and flexible seating arrangements designed to improve your employees’ health and job performance.

Executive office chairs

For the boss' office and head of the conference table.

Ergonomic chairs

For the 9 to 5ers tied down to their desks.

Computer chairs

A staple for every office.

Conference chairs

For proposals, interviews and bringing ideas to the table.

Bar stools

Not just for the break room. For laptops and flexible 'workstations'.

Height-adjustable chairs

To reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.


For the dream millennial office designed for employee attraction and retention.


For the reception waiting game.

Tiered seating and grandstands

A new, hip way to collaborate. Think of it as an auditorium for sharing ideas.

Booth/banquette seating

For the brainstorming dream team and/or lunch room.

Desks, workstations and tables

We offer multiple configuration options that work with your workspace, not to mention the various job roles within your organisation. Make the most of your office space by thinking outside the square.

■ Benches

For bringing ideas and creativity to the table.

■ Ergonomic height-adjustable desks

For the sedentary employee. Promotes good health and wellbeing.

■ Linear workstations

A versatile solution to the evolving office fit out. Perfect for cable management.

■ Executive desks

Because the CEO needs to give off the right impression.

■ Boardroom and meeting tables

To present your business to clients in a professional manner.

■ Drafting tables

A must-have for any architectural firm.


Striking a balance between collaboration and concentration is the key to designing an office for productivity. That’s where office partitions and screen dividers come in.

■ Free standing dividers

Privacy that's easy enough to move around.

■ Desk mounted partitions

For the open-plan office or call centre acoustics.

■ Mobile dividers that double as whiteboards

An interactive way to keep track of important notes and/or conduct presentations.

■ Fixed/demountable wall systems

Ideal for medical and veterinary services.

■ Glass partitions (transparent, frosted or decorative)

For a balance of visual openness and physical privacy in modern office design.

■ Feature panels

Adds some much-needed warmth and character to a commercial space.

Storage, filing and shelving

Because an organised office is a sophisticated office. Maintain a safe and clean workspace by keeping paperwork and equipment under control. Effective storage creates an environment where concentration and task management come naturally.

■ Mobile caddies

Ideal for open-plan linear layouts.

■ Lateral filing cabinets

A durable option for storing paperwork. Ideal for financial and legal services.

■ Hutches

A storage solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

■ Fixed shelving/custom joinery

Blended built-ins that create a smooth transition between spaces. Perfect for small offices.

■ Server room and data storage

For storing confidential data. A critical addition to any modern office.

■ Kitchen storage

Every office needs a functional place to store food and kitchen equipment.

■ Bookshelves

For wearing your company culture with pride. Either decorative or purposeful.

■ Lockers

For keeping employee belongings safe.

Reception furniture

First impressions can make or break any business. It’s why your reception area furniture is among the most important fit out aspects to consider. Say hello to the future of reception furniture, with custom designs that perfectly encapsulate your company values and culture.

■ Reception counters (high top)

An impressive first point of call for your workplace.

■ Reception desks

Should be welcoming and comfortable.

■ Guest chairs and sofas

For meeting, greeting and impressing your guests.

■ Beam seating

Commonly seen in medical fit outs.

■ Coffee tables

An experience for all visitors. Anchors your reception area with class.

Are you struggling to source functional office furniture that fits your fit out? Fast Fitouts specialises in affordable custom joinery and furniture supply to turn your office fitout into the workspace of your dreams. For the ultimate aesthetics and ergonomics, reach out to Adam his team of professionals. Get in touch at fill out the below contact form or call 1300 303 831

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