Future Office Designs

In our newly transformed covid-conscious world, office layouts and designs are changing and evolving in order to ensure the highest standards of social distancing practices are incorporated.

As we gradually re-open society, moving personal and protective equipment into work spaces is likely to assist with mitigating the contact-based spread on office surfaces and in the majority of workplace environments.

Adam Parker, Fast Fitouts CEO explains;

“From hereon in, regular sanitising and wearing masks on job sites will be more heavily enforced and will become the new norm in the industry. After a project has finished, there’s going to be a more intense level of cleaning applied to the pack up process rather than just a general wipe down”.

With the aim of protecting the community, most businesses will incorporate recommended safety practices and invest in practical office features in order to adhere to government regulations to effectively navigate our new world.

Parker states;

“A lot of clients we have worked with in the past have opted towards open plan office spaces. Now, there’s a demand for individual workspaces in an effort to spread people apart. The change has been an interesting observation".

Fast Fitouts are currently working with various clients to diversify their workplace and create larger working areas to ensure the environment is covid-safe.

“Currently we are working with various medical clients to create more space in their practices. We have taken out benches, knocked down walls, and built features from recycled wood to utilise space that was never used before” said Parker.

Thankfully, the majority of businesses are following suit and doing their part to protect their employees, themselves and broader society.

Fast Fitouts has seen an increase in enquiries over the past few months and has been busy providing expert advice throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast with respect to lease negotiations, shop refurbishments and office renovations.

“There’s opportunities out there and as a whole the industry is bubbling along quite well. The true value for me personally is bringing to life the goal the client had in mind from the very beginning” Parker expressed.

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